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View these videos to see how you can convert to an alternate fuel and to hear about brazing and soldering from George Benyak, INFERNO® product development team member and industry veteran.

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Changing from Acetylene to an
Alternate Fuel

Length: 2:11
Alternate fuels are a great option. They are safe, convenient and they can help you save money. If you are looking to make the change to an alternate fuel, watch this video to learn about the equipment you will need to safely make the change. You will also see a demonstration of an INFERNO air-fuel tip in action with Harris Stay-Silv® 15, a PhosCopper brazing alloy that is the standard of the industry.

Comprehensive Demonstration

Length: 5:04
Watch the INFERNO in a variety of applications including steel to steel, copper to copper and more.

Steel to Steel with Low Fuming Bronze

Length: 0:37
Here George uses low fuming bronze on a steel to steel joint. Low fuming bronze is designed for repair and fabrication applications on steel, copper, copper alloys nickel and nickel alloys.

Copper to Steel with Safety-Silv® 56

Length: 0:54
The INFERNO and Safety-Silv 56, a brazing filler metal, are used by George in this demonstration. Safety-Silv 56 offers good joint strength and ductility on nickel alloys, which will avoid the possibility of stress corrosion cracking. Safety-Silv 56 is a good color match on stainless steel and it has excellent fluidity that promotes penetration for good strength and elongation.

Copper to Copper with Dynaflow®

Length: 0:44
Here George uses Dynaflow, a product designed for copper or brass applications. Dynaflow is self fluxing on copper but requires use of Stay-Silv white or black brazing flux when joining brass. Dynaflow has a melting range that is wide enough to alloy filling gaps, necessary to braze loose connections or “cap” a finished joint.

Copper to Copper with Bridgit®

Length: 0:37
The INFERNO in use with Bridgit lead-free solder. Bridgit is widely used in plumbing applications where lead-bearing solders are prohibited. Bridgit contains nickel, making joints tremendously strong. A wide plastic range makes Bridgit and excellent alloy for large diameter fittings and ill-fitted on non-concentric pipes.

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